Best Protein Supplement and Blood Type

Best protein supplement and Your Blood Type – Find out what ties the selection of the best protein supplement for you to your blood group

Let me clean up some misunderstandings:

The best protein supplement is not a whey protein supplement.

In truth, for about 88% of white individuals, a whey protein supplement is TOXIC.

So, if you are white and using a whey protein supplement, you have an 88% chance to be doing yourself uncoerced injury.

This is my personal contribution to the protein supplement debate. Even though I now know that this is a critical issue, I have not seen it addressed anywhere. I am telling you this so that you give this article the proper attention it merits.

The role of this article is to illuminate the relation between the best protein supplement and your individual blood type.

Key points:
· the hidden link between your blood type and the best protein supplement
· what does your blood type have to say about your protein supplement
· the blood type lectin link
· lectins and the best protein supplement
· why you should believe me
· bringing the parts together

Introducing lectins

Lectins are proteins. They are found in different foods and they have the capacity to chemically react with your blood based on the specific antigens that are found on your red blood cells surface.

When you eat lectins that are incompatible with your blood type you create digestive, metabolic and immune distress. The base for this distress is that lectins will make your blood cells, as well as other cells, bind to each other. I’m certain you can understand how having lumps of cells travelling through your body can have many and far reaching consequences. The way lectins do this is by binding themselves to the antigens found on the surface of your cells. Antigens are chemical structures that are unique to each blood group and serve to differentiate friend from foe.

And this has what to do with picking out the best protein supplement?

A protein supplement incorporates the lectins from the food from which it was created.

And So, if you consume a protein supplement which was produced from food that responds disadvantageously with your blood type you will sustain effects like: allergic reactions, impaired protein digestion, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, damage to intestinal lining, immune system inhibition and many more.

I don’t believe this, 88% is just too high a number? Where did you come up with this?
White population by blood type:

Type O – 47 %
Blood Type A – 41%
B Blood Type – 9 %
Blood Type AB – 3% ( information source, directly from my high school anatomy class book)

Type O and Type A should not consume either whey or casein as it contains lectins that react gravely with their blood type — source, a very well referenced and popular nutritional science book which I will be listing later for suspension reasons.

The above presented data is proven scientific fact, explore this issue for yourself — it is well worth the time.
47 (from blood type O) + 41 (from Blood Type A) = 88% of the white population – is discouraged to consume neither whey or casien – these two are the most usually cited as: “best protein supplement” protein supplements on the planet.

If the best protein supplement is the protein that acts best for you, and the most favorited protein supplement, whey, is not good for about 88% of the white population, how can a whey protein supplement be the best protein supplement?

It can’t be. A whey protein supplement CANNOT be the best protein supplement.

I’m not seeking to scare anyone so let me add some clarifications:
– for type O, casein is worse than whey; if you are a healthy type O, you can consume whey once in a while and be free of symptoms; you should not consume casein in the least even if you are healthy;
– for type A, the same rule as for O, with one exception, there is a 15% probability that whey will be neutral for you, but you have to test for this; please don’t make the assumption that just because you are a healthy type O you should consume whey, it is still detrimental for you. Eating a plate of french fries won’t kill you, but it nevertheless has bad effects on your body. Why should you lessen your results when there are choices that are actually advantageous for you? For example for the type O, beef has a positive effect on health. Just drop out that whey and consume beef if your blood type is O. This is not true for blood type A.

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